Kitchen Remodeling Appliance Makovers

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If you’re looking for a few more ways to budget your kitchen remodeling project take a look at these great remodeling ideas.

Painting Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen AppliancesWhen many people are about to take on a budgeted kitchen remodeling project they often overlook simple things that can make a huge impact. Painting kitchen appliances is one of those ideas people tend to not think about. A great idea for kitchen remodeling on a budget is to give the walls and sometimes cabinetry a fresh coat of paint. You can also purchase speciality paints for your appliances, paints which are designed for plastic, and heat-resistant paints to give your kitchen a complete makeover.

Painting kitchen appliances not only saves you the cost of replacing the appliance simply for a new look, but also offers a more flexible option in terms of color choices. You’re probably going to have a hard time shopping for a baby blue dishwasher; however, with some specialty appliance paint this is no problem at all.

Appliance Panel Kits

If you’re not much of a painter you still might be able to give your appliances of color upgrade. Many manufacturers design their products so that the front and side panels can be easily replaced when damaged. That means if your trendy stainless steel look doesn’t play well with your new ideas, it can be easily solved. Naturally, you will be limited to the color options available for your appliance.

Hidden Appliance Designs

Yet another popular trend in kitchen remodeling is to completely hide the kitchen appliances from view. In these kitchens we see that the appliances have been fitted with custom doors that blend seamlessly with the kitchen cabinetry or that the cabinetry itself has been modified to conceal the appliances. When you don’t want the style of modern technology to clash with your rustic kitchen, this is a great solution.

This can also be a bit more expensive and there’s not many ways you can trim off costs, unless you just happen to be a professional cabinet maker. However, if this is something you really want, don’t be afraid to modify your budget to save money in other aspects of your kitchen remodeling project. Rather than buying the overpriced designer handles and knobs for your cabinets, you can purchase more sensible fixtures that still look beautiful. You can also go with affordable professionally refinished granite look countertops instead of more costly granite installations and get the same elegant look and feel.

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