Kitchen Remodeling Focus Points

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Here are the most common areas of interest to consider when planning a kitchen remodeling to help sell your home.

Faucets & Fixtures: This can be a very low-cost upgrade that packs a powerful punch. If your faucets and lighting fixtures are ten years old, replace them with something up to date.

Cabinetry: While brand new cabinets might be your best option, it’s not the only option. A fresh coat of paint and more modern knobs and handles that match your faucets and fixtures can do wonders. Pay attention to where the cabinets meet the ceiling. If you see any cracking or separation, spend a few dollars on some filler from the hardware store.

Paint: A fresh coat of paint is great, but don’t go crazy with the colors! You might think that a bright yellow paint job looks amazing, but many buyers will not. Keep it clean and neutral; however, neutral doesn’t always mean white. If you’re dead set on yellow, go with a subdued creamy shade of yellow instead.

Countertop Workspace: Take a look at your workspace. Home buyers love an open and roomy kitchen. However, smart buyers also realize that they need a sensible workspace. Determine if you need more countertop space or if simply having an uncluttered countertop will be fine.

Granite Countertops: This is a big seller when it comes to kitchen remodeling. Home buyers are expecting to see that granite look in the kitchen and bathroom countertops. Don’t forget that you need to budget your kitchen remodeling to maintain a good return on investment. You don’t have to go granite to make it look like granite. Your kitchen countertops can be refinished with a granite look that will give the room that extra wow factor without breaking your budget.

If you’re looking for a durable and attractive countertop upgrade, check out our kitchen countertop refinishing. We would love to explain the process and answer your questions – just call us at (913) 385-2574.

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