Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really save money with NuLOOK?

Absolutely! Replacing countertops, bathtubs, vanities or ceramic tile can be very expensive. Besides the cost of the new fixtures themselves, there are time and labor costs as well. When all is said and done, NuLOOK customers often save up to 70% off the cost of replacement. When you consider that our finishes are completed in a matter of hours – instead of days or weeks for new countertops or tubs, the convenience factor saves you even more.

Will this finish crack or peel off?

NO. NuLOOK Custom Finishes come with a 5-year guarantee against peeling and faulty adhesion. Properly cared for, there’s no reason your NuLOOK finish won’t last for many years…though we’ve found many colors tend to only be in style around 7 years. So you’ll probably want to change the color before your finish shows wear.

But how good can a coating actually look? Won’t people be able to tell?

Have a look at our gallery – those finishes look beautiful, if we do say so ourselves! The NuLOOK finish can be done in virtually any color or texture, made to look like a variety of natural materials. And once applied, we defy anyone to tell that our surfaces have been refinished. Above all, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with our craftsmanship. Your fixtures will be beautiful, durable, and up to the highest quality standards.

How soon can a job be scheduled?

With such high demand we often require a two-week waiting period, but not always.

Do you offer free estimates? Can I see your product before making a decision?

Yes, prior to any job a Design Consultant will discuss design options, budgets and other issues you should consider. You’ll also be able to see samples of our finish right in your home, under the very lighting your finish will be seen under. There is never any cost or obligation for this consultation.

What kind of surfaces can NuLOOK’s finishes be applied to?

NuLOOK finishes are incredibly versatile. The finish can be applied to bathtubs and tiles made of fiberglass, porcelain, ceramic and metal. In the kitchen, countertops made of laminate, Corian, cultured marble and granite can all be transformed by our finishes.

How long does the finishing process take?

The finishing process for any fixture usually takes 4-6 hours to complete. Once a finish is applied it usually takes between 24-48 hours before normal use can resume.

Do you offer touch-up work instead of entire finishing?

Unfortunately, no. There just isn’t a way to apply our finish to a small area of your surface and have it blend well. But the good news is that minor cracks and imperfections are fixed as part of a complete finish project.

How long after the new finish can I use my fixture?

While our crew will be in your home for only a few hours on a single day, your finish will still need some time to dry and reach it’s full strength. Countertops and vanities are usually ready for use within 48-72 hours, while tubs and tile may be ready in as little as 24 hours. Compare this to the week-long upheaval of construction crews tearing out old tubs and countertops and installing replacements.

How many color choices do I have?

NuLOOK color choices are virtually unlimited. We can color match to a specific color depending on what kind of design approach you are hoping to achieve. We’ll create a custom finish that blends with any décor and perfectly reflects your taste and sense of style.

Can NuLOOK’s finishes work on Jacuzzi® tubs?

Absolutely! Our finishes can be applied to all types of bathtubs, including whirlpool and Jacuzzi tubs.

Are NuLOOK finishes difficult to maintain? How Long do they last?

NuLOOK finishes are designed to be just like new fixtures. The exception is that while natural stone countertops can sometimes be difficult to maintain in pristine condition, NuLOOK finishes are simple and easy to keep up.As with replacement surfaces, the key to a long-lasting finish is to avoid activities that can cause damage and to maintain a clean surface using non-abrasive cleansers. Just like any other surface, you want to avoid high heat, sharp object or dropping anything heavy on the surface.

Given proper care, NuLOOK finishes can last 10, 15 years or even longer.

Will there be an odor?

There may be an odor during the finishing process, but it is not harmful, and dissipates rapidly once the application process is complete.

Will you work with my remodeler or Interior Designer?

Of course! We work with a variety of designers and building professionals on a regular basis to provide the best in design and functionality at minimal cost.

Do you have a warranty or guarantee?

Absolutely! Each NuLOOK finish comes with a 5-year warranty against peeling and faulty adhesion. In addition, we offer a satisfaction guarantee on craftsmanship.

What am I missing? There must be a “catch”!

No catch at all – unless you just really want to spend a lot more money. The whole point of using NuLOOK is that you get to experience the same colors, styles, and durability as you would with replacement, but without the big price or long process.

Can I see examples of completed countertops?

Yes you can! We have several homes available for interested customers to see what a completed countertop looks like. Many times this is a better example of our process than viewing just a small sample.

How durable is the countertop?

Very durable.